Wednesday, June 18, 2014

#23 Evaluating

Supervising summer school has allowed me some time to catch up. For me the timing of 23 Mobile Things was problematic. I coach winter/spring, so offering something of this nature in the fall would be a benefit to me. I would also keep those ideas fresh throughout the school year - instead of losing touch over the summer.
I felt I the timing of this program was probably about a year behind. A lot of the the ideas mentioned, I had encountered in the past two years. Initiating something like this earlier would ensure it wouldn't act as a review and there could be more discovery involved.

#22 Discovering Apps

Apps Gone Free - this is how I found out about Scanner Pro and was able to download it for free. I have some mixed feelings because I'm not very good at checking it frequently.

#21 Free-for-all

I talked about a lot of them already, but one app I use a lot is Mint. It also has an online component, and we can track our family finances on it. It's been helpful because now there are no surprises for my husband and me :)
I'm also using 5K Runner for a couch to 5K incentive that I'm participating in with my neighbor. It keeps us focused so there is more running and less talking.
In school a very helpful app is Scanner Pro. When my students want to easily add items to their online portfolios, they just grab my ipad and scan it and send it to themselves.

#20 Games

My whole family (and most of the freshmen boys in my classes) are enamored with Clash of Clans. I heard about it for some time, but recently my family took the plunge. Raiding parties, archers, building of a town hall are just some of the aspects that draw people in.

Also one of my favorite gaming apps is Quiz Up. It's available as a website and an app, and sometimes I've used it on the Smartboard in class. It's the ultimate Trivia Pursuit game where there are numerous categories to pick from, and you compete against people from around the world.

In my Drama and Oral Interpretation class, we also use Ellen DeGeneres' Heads Up game. It's great for getting up and using your body to give clues.

#19 Hobbies

I have two that I use. The first is Yoga Studio. I use this app frequently. Even though I'd always like to take a live yoga class, this app is the next best thing. I did quite a bit of research, including a bunch of youtube videos, but I like the variety and pace of this app best. I've also recently downloaded a stitch counting knitting app. Sometimes I can find my stitch counter, and this will come in handy in a pinch.

#18 Education

I'd like to talk about both Ted and Quizlet. My freshmen have to memorize Latin and Greek stems/words. Quizlet works great using the flashcard function. Those who use it have much higher test scores than those who don't. We also have a leadership group at our school. The Ted app works really well to find materials to support areas we want to enforce in this class even though the acronym is for Technology, Education, and Design.

#17 Connecting to Community

I have three children in my household who loved their mom because I downloaded the KCLD app on the iPad. It's their music of choice, and it's also helpful for when we go camping and we're out of radio range.